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Vietnam project: Da Nang/Hue Blind Student Program

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The Da Nang/Hue Blind Student Collective project is supported by Arbor Assets. Arbor Assets uses its U.S. 501(c)3 status to solicit donations to further promote our aim of helping blind students throughout Viet Nam find employment as health practitioners using massage and acupuncture. Arbor Assets 's involvement is through microloans. These are made to students in the Da Nang and Hue areas for their tuition to classes to deepen their skill sets and raise their incomes.

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If you have any questions regarding any of these loan programs or any other organization financial matter, please contact Rodney Krafka, Financial Director, online at:; or by mail through the address below:
Arbor Assets Inc.
3800 Old Cheney Rd
Suite 101-273
Lincoln NE, 68516

 To find out more about Arbor Assets click on the link:

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